Magic Selfie Mirror Photobooth Hire

"A revolution in Photobooth hire"

After years in the event industry it looks like the photo booth craze is not going away...
Photo booth hire is a great way to capture the fun and atmosphere of a wedding reception, birthday party or corporate event.
However there is a new development in the photo booth hire world that is taking the place of the old style passport style photo booths..

Welcome to the Magic Selfie Mirror Photo booth hire!
A similar concept to the traditional Photo booth where people have photos taken at events, choosing to use props or not and get a fun memento photo of the event....
....but the selfie mirror is a photo booth with bells on!
More interactive and with new features and benefits it will really help your party stand out from the rest encouraging fun and laughter along the way!

Benefits to the Magic Mirror

Why the book a selfie mirror instead of a photobooth?

  • Looks more attractive than an old style photo booth -
    Making your party stand out from the rest.
  • Takes full length photos, not just head shots -
    Meaning more space to pull those killer moves!
  • It’s not enclosed -
    Meaning you can fit more than just a few people in the photo.
    This also means that it enhances the atmosphere at your party as people can see groups interacting with the mirror having fun
  • It’s interactive -
    Meaning your guests can sign their photos or write a message on the Magic Mirror

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